Operation Inherent Resolve?

The Obama High Command today issued a press release to inform the uninformed that it had now vanquished one of the major obstacles in the campaign to do something about ISIS: they found a name for the operation.  Inherent Resolve.  Could they have submitted a request to the ivory towers of academia to come up with a name for the operation that could possibly be less understood by the American public?  It is doubtful that our assembled politically correct camp leadership could have done better than the focused circle of sycophants surrounding our C in C. Take a microphone and a camera out in the streets and interview everyday folks as to their interpretation of “Inherent Resolve.”  If you can find one in a hundred who knows both words and is familiar with their usage, you will have done quite well.  Float that same term through faculty lounges across the country, and you will likely get a lot of approving nods and grunts of acceptance.  Why...(Read Full Post)