The NY Times is wrong about the Cuba embargo again

Our friends at The New York Times decided to reprint the same long list of reasons for ending the U.S. embargo on the Castro regime in Cuba. 

We heard the same tired arguments that lifting the embargo will encourage change in Cuba and will allow American tourists to tell Cubans about freedom, and that doing business with the U.S. will magically bring prosperity to the island.  Last but not least, the Times blamed Cuban Americans for forcing U.S. politicians to stick with the embargo.

The Times did say that Cuba is still a repressive state:

The authoritarian government still harasses and detains dissidents. It has yet to explain the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the political activist Oswaldo Payá.

Here is the problem: lifting the U.S. embargo will not do a darned thing to change Cuba or make life better for the people.  Instead, it will provide the Cuban state companies who do joint ventures with international companies with an opportunity to draw on U.S. export or import credits.

Furthermore, Cuba needs these "credits" because most countries are sick and tired of doing business with the Castro regime and not getting paid on time.  Just ask Mexico and others, who have had to write off or reschedule their debts!

Incredibly, the Times does not call for the release of Mr. Allan Gross in Cuba prior to any conversations about lifting the embargo.  The editorial does not call on the Castro regime to "lift the embargo" on Cuban dissidents or independent journalists. 

As a Cuban-American who has grown up in the U.S., I will listen to anyone who can show me that lifting the embargo will help the Cuban people.  So far, no one has persuaded me.  I still think that lifting the embargo will have one beneficiary: Fidel Castro, Inc.!

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