Operation Inherent Resolve?

The Obama High Command today issued a press release to inform the uninformed that it had now vanquished one of the major obstacles in the campaign to do something about ISIS: they found a name for the operation.  Inherent Resolve.  Could they have submitted a request to the ivory towers of academia to come up with a name for the operation that could possibly be less understood by the American public?  It is doubtful that our assembled politically correct camp leadership could have done better than the focused circle of sycophants surrounding our C in C.

Take a microphone and a camera out in the streets and interview everyday folks as to their interpretation of “Inherent Resolve.”  If you can find one in a hundred who knows both words and is familiar with their usage, you will have done quite well.  Float that same term through faculty lounges across the country, and you will likely get a lot of approving nods and grunts of acceptance.  Why is that?  Well, it has the inherent capability of meaning whatever its creators want it to mean.  That was likely the goal of those inside the administration who came up with this indefinable tag for an apparently pointless attempt to stem militant jihadists in their fervent drive to create a Muslim caliphate in the very regions this same ineffectual administration so recently abandoned, walking away from the battlefield, arrogantly proclaiming victory while the enemy cleverly lay low and rebuilt their martial capabilities.

What is a more laughably foolish way to initiate a battle campaign than to burden the efforts of your engaged warriors with a label that is inherently based upon your previous lack of resolve, and therefore absolutely laughable to your enemies?  And to the world?

I’m an old combat infantryman who has no problem with an enemy who hates me with a deadly determination to destroy me.  But I swear to all of you out there, I cannot support a commander in chief and his politically correct administration who subject our nation in general and our military in particular to this sort of international ridicule.

I do believe I am inherently resolved to oppose these silly Democrat fools who profess to lead us.

Thomas Lifson adds: "Resolve" cannot by its nature be "inherent." Resolve is an act of will. The phrase is self-contradictory.