Ebola Strikes Again

On October 17, Doctors Without Borders physician Craig Spencer arrived at JFK airport after a stint working with Ebola patients in Guinea.  His temperature was normal: 98.7 degrees.  (Some accounts say he returned on October 14).   On October 23, Spencer was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in New York City with Ebola-like symptoms – a fever of 103 degrees and accompanying nausea.  He has since been positively diagnosed with the ravaging disease.  Hazmat gear, screenings, and good intentions to no avail. This is a repeat of the Thomas Duncan affair and further proof that screenings do not go far enough in protecting the homeland.  The conundrum still lingers: no matter how many screenings are conducted at airports, they fail to identify individuals who might have been exposed to Ebola, hop on one or several planes bound for the U.S. – fever-free, symptom-free, Ebola-free – and pass all required entry and exit screenings, only to...(Read Full Post)