The Clintons Try to Rewrite the Lewinsky Story

Frankly, I was hoping not to hear about Monica Lewinsky again.  Unfortunately, she's back in full Technicolor.

The "whatever it was" happened 16 years ago.  

I'm sure that all of you remember covering your kids’ ears when the nightly newscast reported about some young woman having “oral sex” with the president of the U.S. in The Oval Office.  Our oldest son was 11, and my finger was on that "mute" button when Peter Jennings was reading the story.

Well, Lewinsky is back, and she's blaming The Drudge Report.

Also, the Clintons are preparing the 2016 landscape by rewriting the whole story, as The Wall Street Journal reported today.

Monica should get angry at the people who used her (President Clinton) and then tried to destroy her (Hillary Clinton & the Clinton team).    

Let's not forget that President Clinton was impeached for obstruction of justice and lying under oath, and he paid heavy fines for his reckless behavior.  In the end, he lost his Arkansas law license.

As we know now, Monica did not send that blue dress to the laundry. Otherwise, she would have been bombarded to death by a Clinton team determined to show that it was all her imagination.  Talk about a war on women!  Let's call it a nuclear war on a young woman who apparently fell in love with a womanizer named Bill Clinton.

Again, the whole thing is over.  Let it stay in the trash where it belongs.  At the same time, it’s irritating to watch Monica (now 40 years old) rewrite history is such a cynical way. 

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