Castro is a sick man with a very tragic legacy

We hear all kinds of rumors about Fidel Castro's health.  I recall a recent one that had the old man connected to an oxygen machine in the basement of a secret government building.  There was another rumor that Castro had died. Castro is alive but very sick.  God only knows how much longer Fidel Castro will be around. We do know his disastrous legacy, as Walter Russell Mead wrote this weekend: "More than half a century of building socialism; billions of dollars in aid, first from the Soviet Union and later Venezuela; decades of repression in the name of socialist idealism. Yet Cuba is still such a mess that tens of thousands are risking their lives to get out. The NYT reports that skyrocketing numbers of Cubans are attempting to flee their country in unsafe, homemade boats headed for the United States." Castro gave us Mariel in 1980, when 100,000 Cubans crossed the Florida Straits to reach Florida.   We may see...(Read Full Post)