Texas, the Exporter State

On October 13, in 1845, the people of the Republic of Texas voted "yes" to join the Union.  A few months later, Texas became the 28th state.

Over the years, Texas has been the source of great cowboy stories, a repository of myths about everything being big here, and a place known only for oil.  However, today's Texas is about suits, serious economic policies, and a business environment second to none.

We continue to hear about Texas's economic success, from job creation to attracting businesses.

There is another success story.  It has to do with exports, as reported by The Dallas Morning News

1) Texas exported $163.7 billion, ahead of California ($120 billion).

2) Texas beat California on exporting manufactured goods, $126 billion to $70 billion.

3) The U.K., Germany, Canada, Japan, and Spain are the top 5 countries who continue to invest or open facilities in Texas.

They are investing in Texas because of business-friendly policies, the port of Houston (number six in the world) and Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, one of the most important hubs for passenger and commercial traffic.

In so many ways, Texas has a lot to show the nation. 

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