The Country Does Not Need Another Holder

My guess is that President Obama is already looking at some names to replace AG Holder.   I don't expect him to nominate a conservative, but another activist liberal is not what the country needs.  We need an attorney general who is not flashy, not much of an activist, but one who understands that he must uphold the laws of the country. Frankly, AG Holder was divisive and toxic, as Ilya Shapiro wrote: Eric Holder’s tenure marked one of the most divisive and partisan eras of the Justice Department.  From his involvement in the bizarre guns-to-gangs operation (“Fast & Furious”), for which he has been cited for contempt by the House and referred to a federal prosecutor (which referral went nowhere due to invocations of executive privilege), to his refusal to recognize the separation of powers — enabling President Obama’s executive abuses — he politicized an already overly political Justice...(Read Full Post)