Bill Maher Thinks Beheading on American Soil a Laughing Matter

It took less than a week for HBO’s Bill Maher to look foolish for his use of race-baiting to mock Americans’ concern about ISIS gathering on the Mexican border, and singled out conservative Arizona Congressman Trent Franks.

And ABC News wants to assure us that the beheading of 54-year-old Colleen Hufford in Moore, Oklahoma Thursday afternoon had “no apparent ties to terrorism,” although sentences later reported that Alton Nolen, the alleged and now shot-dead beheading murderer, “recently started trying to convert several employees to the Muslim religion."

But it was Maher who last Friday on HBO’s Real Time mocked Americans concerned about ISIS entering the United States.  Huffington Post cheered Maher:

After calling out conservative war hawks like Lindsey Graham, "the Senate's own Blanche DuBois," Maher made a provocative point about why the disturbing videos of journalists being beheaded by ISIS don't justify the fear most Americans are feeling. Saying he admires the courage of the journalists who were killed, he noted, "When you choose to live among cut throats, you might get your throat cut. Do Americans living here really think they're going to be next?"

Maher then went on to argue that a more direct threat to the lives of Americans is Monsanto, another group with a name that's "simultaneously cool-sounding and stands for pure evil."

Maher invoked race-baiting to mock Republican Franks for some cheap laughs (starting at 2:03 of the video): “The brown people and the other brown people are going to hook up.  Mexicans and ISIS sneaking into the country together.  They’re going to cut our heads off with a hedge trimmer.”

I’m sure the family of Ms. Hufford and the people of Moore won’t be watching this clown.  Maher should send a generous contribution to the Hufford family and the second victim stabbed by Nolen.

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