Spoiled Biden Attacks CEOs

Joe Biden is smugly wrong about everything.  He says, “We’re asking all the wrong questions. … We should be asking the question why CEO’s make 333 times more than their average employee.” Well, Joe, what’s the right multiple of earnings for a CEO who is responsible for the company and everyone else’s salaries versus a clerk or the cleaning man?  Should it be ten times or ten thousand times?  How is Biden stupid enough to think that he can dictate worth and merit? While we’re at it, why does God or heredity give athletes the skills to make millions or actors the empathy to make twenty million dollars per movie? Where is Biden’s merit, that he does so well?  He rides around in limos, eats sumptuous dinners, dines with dignitaries, has all the respect in the world as he gets in and out of private planes.  And when he retires, he gets a magnificent pension and big book contracts....(Read Full Post)