'La Gigante Fantasia': Hispanics and President Obama

Pres. Obama's numbers are down to 52% with Hispanics, according to Gallup:

The president's approval among Hispanics is still 10 points higher than among the population as a whole, which stands at 42 percent.

But that gap has closed since Obama's reelection in 2012, when Hispanic approval was 22 points higher.

The numbers among Hispanics hit a peak of 72 percent in June 2012 when, in the midst of Obama's reelection battle, he announced a program to defer deportations for some people brought to the country illegally as children.

Other polls have also shown a drop in Hispanic approval. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll earlier this month showed the rating at 47 percent, down from 62 percent in April 2013.

Like the rest of the population, Hispanics are coming to terms with the reality that he was a great candidate but is a lousy president.

Let me add this: 

First, who are these 52% who approve of President Obama's performance?  What do they see that so many don't? 

Second, how significant will this be in the midterms?  My guess is that turnout will be very depressed, and especially in areas where Democrat incumbents are under fire.

Third, what about 2016?  It's still a bit premature, but the GOP should not assume that Hispanics just want to hear about immigration reform.  I would like to hear an economic growth message and calls for school choice.  The GOP may find that there are lots of Hispanics willing to hear that message.

And finally, Hispanics don't like to see their country look weak and impotent, either.  There are lots of patriotic Hispanics with sons and daughters in our armed forces. 

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