NY Times Shows Classic Bias on Israeli 'State Lands'

Israel’s decision to set aside nearly 1,000 acres of territory near Jerusalem as “state lands” triggered predictable controversy – with the New York Times giving top priority to Palestinian denunciations, while providing back-of-the-bus treatment to Israeli claims (“New Emblem of an Elemental Conflict: Seized West Bank Land” by Isabel Kershner, Sept. 10, page A4). Kershner leads off with an all-out, heart-tugging pro-Palestinian intro: the land in question is within a “fertile valley where natural springs irrigate lush plots, planted with a rich ratatouille of vegetables, as well as orchards and vines. Goats graze on the steep, rocky slopes, some bare and rugged, others planted with olive and almond trees and pines.” This modern Eden, however, is shattered in the second paragraph, as the hillsides are suddenly dotted with Israeli signs with, in “large, red Hebrew letters[,] the words ‘State Lands...(Read Full Post)