Apocalyptic Heat Predictions for Los Angeles Raise Serious Questions

In the Los Angeles Daily News a couple weeks ago, Susan Abram reported on the release of two new climate change reports from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The situation provides a textbook example of problematic journalism and science. In Abram's story, she states that the reports predict "some places, such as Sylmar and Woodland Hills, for example, may see up to 25 straight days of 95 degree or hotter temperatures." No, that is not what the reports say. The L.A. County DOPH report states that "in Sylmar, climate change is predicted to triple the number of heat days (when temperatures are over 95 F) from nearly seven days a year now to more than 25 days per year in 2050," and shows the following chart. Abram erroneously reports that the prediction is for "up to 25 straight days of 95 degree or hotter temperatures," whereas the prediction is for up to 25 days per year -- regardless of when they occur. Big difference...(Read Full Post)