Deconstructing Herbert


T. Bevans of realclear continues to deconstruct the vicious race baiting campaign being whipped up by Bob Herbert and Paul Krugman in the New York Times. Herbert has now tried three times to turn a legitimate vote fraud investigation centering on a mayoral election in Orlando into an attempt by Jeb Bush and his cronies to frighten black voters from the polls in Florida in November.

The campaign mounted by the Times columnists suggests that, just as with the NAACP ad on James Bryd being lynched a second time by George Bush during the 2000 campaign cycle, no stone will be left unturned this cycle to whip up anger among black voters at Bush.  Clearly, Kerry has not generated great enthusiasm among African—Americans so far, so this campaign about alleged voter suppression is required to spur black turnout.

The other motive  of the Times writers' campaign is to plant the seeds of illegitimacy regarding the results of the coming election, assuming Bush wins.  This will insure four more years of attacks from the likes of Herbert and Krugman about the "fraud" that kept Bush in power,after the original coup that put him in office.

Posted by Richard  8 23 04