The Obama administration is not paying attention to Latin America

Glad to see that Andres Oppenheimer is also concerned that the Obama administration is not paying attention to Latin America.    Frankly, it is not, and it pre-dated all of the foreign policy headaches on the table, from Iraq to Ukraine.   Don't tell me that there is too much on the president's plate because they were talking about this indifference in the first term.  The Secret Service/prostitute scandal in Cartagena 2012 overlooked that most Latin American leaders were complaining about indifference. Mr Oppenheimer cites 3 points: "First, the Obama administration should show the region that it cares. Everybody understands that Secretary of State John Kerry is tied up with more urgent matters in the Middle East and Ukraine, but so far this year only two of his 21 trips abroad were to the region.     And for last week’s second-term inauguration of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, which was...(Read Full Post)