MSM Once Again Furthers the Big Lie

Mary and I were driving home to Florida from working on the Joe Carr campaign in Tennessee when I heard the report on the radio.  “Unarmed black youth shot by police.”

Why did the reporter think it relevant to mention the race of the youth shot by police in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri?  Police shooting an unarmed youth is compelling without the racial component.

When blacks commit crimes, the mainstream media bends over backwards to avoid mentioning the criminals' race.  For example, when flash mobs were breaking out across America, committing crimes of violence, looting, and vandalism, the MSM refused to report that the perpetrators were black youths.  The MSM's excuse is that reporting the race of criminals is unnecessarily provocative.

So why does the MSM not apply the same logic and caution in cases where the alleged attacker is white?  Remember how quick and eager the MSM was to convict George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion?

To push its racist-white-man-shoots-unarmed-angelic-black-boy storyline, the MSM referred to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic.”  They flooded TV with photographs of a much younger Trayvon Martin, including one of him in his little-league football uniform.  The MSM did everything in its power to hide the truth that Martin was a 17-year-old thug.  A major broadcast network even doctored audio to portray Zimmerman as a racist.

Obviously, the MSM wanted racial turmoil, division, and riots in the streets.  The left's bible, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, says they win by creating chaos.

The mainstream media is fully committed to helping Obama implement his socialist/progressive agenda.  Promoting the false narrative that America is a racist nation is extremely helpful to Obama's purpose.

The MSM has been complicit in assisting the Democrats' efforts to exploit Obama's race to silence opposition to his unprecedented dictatorship.

The MSM jumps on every opportunity to further the big lie that blacks are victims of an eternally racist America.  The big lie feeds white guilt, making whites more receptive to the government redistributing wealth and pandering to minorities.  The big lie also inspires blacks to hate successful whites, inspires violence against whites, and creates an entitlement mindset in blacks.

Whites feeling guilty for being white and blacks feeling resentful and entitled equals more Americans submissive to government controls and likely to vote Democrat.

During the Trayvon Martin trial, leftists were all over TV, promoting the big lie that black males are routinely attacked and murdered by whites in America.  Their claim is totally absurd.  The facts prove quite the opposite.  Statistics confirm that blacks kill blacks and that black attacks against whites are 39 times more likely than vice versa.

Once again, the MSM has successfully ginned up racial hate, division and riots in the streets.