Who does CBS want to be president?

Evidently anticipating a Clinton candidacy in 2016, one of the many propaganda outlets of the Democratic Party, CBS, has decided to give her a boost with a new show titled “Madam Secretary,” due out this fall. Portraying Hillary Clinton (who else?) will be Téa Leoni, a 48-year-old actress who has appeared in sitcoms as well as feature films with a comedic turn. By casting a woman some 20 years younger than Mrs. Clinton, CBS may well be trying to finesse the age factor, hoping Americans won’t notice that by fall 2016 Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old.

Here’s the blurb that made the rounds last May when CBS’ fall line-up was announced:

Madam Secretary: About the personal and professional life of a maverick female Secretary of State as she drives international diplomacy, wrangles office politics, and balances a complex family life. [And leaps tall buildings in a single bound. No, wait, that’s somebody else.] Cast: Tea Leoni (Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord); Tim Daly (Henry McCord); Bebe Neuwirth (Nadine Tolliver).

Whether the show will survive remains to be seen. CBS certainly has high hopes, airing the first episode in the 8 pm time slot between 60 Minutes and The Good Wife on Sunday September 21st. What will the show’s executive producers – actor Morgan Freeman is one of them – do if the ratings are bad? That remains to be seen too. It would be embarrassing, and less easy to ignore, if the show proved a flop on the order of Mrs. Clinton’s recent book. Hard Choices is what producers will be facing if Americans decide in large numbers to do laundry during the show’s time slot.

It’s a certainty that episodes dramatizing how “a maverick female Secretary of State drives international diplomacy” will bear no resemblance whatsoever to fiascos that occurred when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  Also doubtful is that Tim Daly, who will play the husband, will exemplify any of Bill Clinton’s, um, proclivities.

One thing more: There’s a famous bridge in Brooklyn up for sale if anyone thinks the show is a coincidence.

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