A nation of immigrants

We are told by Liberals that we should not be concerned about the current immigrant invasion of the U.S. because, after all, we are a “nation of immigrants.”

Not in the way that Libs mean it.  Past immigrants to America have left failed cultures that immigrants knew were failures.  That is why they left them to come to America.  They came here to join the American culture of achievement and private property which lets them benefit from their achievements.  They left cultures of tyranny to join America’s culture of liberty.

Immigrants on the southern border currently are not in this tradition.  Far from admitting they are leaving failed cultures to join a successful one, they seek to bring their failed cultures with them, to transplant them here.  Roughly speaking, Latin American countries were colonized by Spain 100 years before what became the U.S. was colonized by Britain.  The entire continent of South America predates us by a century. And yet, what has it produced politically and economically?  Chaos and failure.  There is no public interest for us to let that culture be transplanted here.

A culture of chaos and failure is indistinguishable from Democratic programs because they seek the same result – devastation and despair, which generates permanent client constituencies for Democratic politicians.  This is the purpose of Great Society welfare programs, which have devastated the family structure of their recipients.  So it is not surprising that the Democratic Party in general and Obama in particular should wish to see a culture of failure transplanted here.

Obama himself, as Dinesh D’Souza has pointed out, is not so much our first black president as our first third-world president. Obama’s experience is not that of the American black experience in any meaningful sense.  He has been raised to resent not our failures, but our successes, which, in line with neocolonialist philosophy, thinks we obtained by theft rather than achievement.  Obama is indeed a reflection of the dreams of his father, which, when examined, turn out to be a desire to join the third-world oligarchy in a society of a few well-connected rich and the rest poor, rather than the desire to build a middle-class society of limited government and individual achievement.  Importing people in thrall to third-world social failure is completely consistent with Obama’s goals.

But not with ours.  We have to find all the ways we can to resist this “transformation of America,” in the words of our president, until we can replace him at the polls. This immigration is not that of the “nation of immigrants.”

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