A Wash Post Blood Libel against Israel

Over the centuries, Jews have been targeted with inciteful falsehoods that nurtured outbreaks of virulent anti-Semitism and pogroms.  Jews often have been pictured as bloody killers of innocent Gentiles.  Such libels have become all too familiar, including most recently in the pages of the Washington Post. The latest example can be found in the July 2 edition, in an article by Jerusalem correspondent Ruth Eglash about the funerals of three Israeli teens kidnapped and murdered by two suspected Hamas fanatics (“Israelis gather to lay 3 slain teens to rest,” page A9). In a foul attempt to inject equivalence of guilt between Israelis and Palestinians, Eglash writes in her third paragraph that “Israeli forces have arrested nearly 400 alleged terror operatives and killed at least five Palestinians during a more than two-week search” for the teens. The clear impression is that on the lethal scorecard of spilled blood, it’s 3 Israelis...(Read Full Post)