Walmart hands NY Times' editors their own posteriors

I have never met David Tovar, Walmart’s vice president, corporate communications, but I’d like to shake his hand. In this brilliant response to a column by Timothy Egan of the New York Times, Mr. Tovar puts to shame the editors who worked on the Egan piece, literally taking a red pencil to the piece they deigned to publish, and showing them how to do their jobs. For example: As you can suss from this excerpt, the premise of the Egan column is that Starbucks (which dispenses expensive coffee to the type of people who work at the New York Times) is a good company, while Walmart (which offers low prices and improves the standard of living of the lower half of the income distribution) is baaaad. The obvious class bias here is something Mr. Tovar is far too polite to mention, but it is what sticks in my craw even more than the sloppiness with facts that makes the Egan column disgraceful. The left in the United States, of which the Times is the leading media...(Read Full Post)