US ties 'worthless' under Obama says Polish FM

Poland's Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski was secretly recorded saying that during the Obama administration, the Polish-US alliance "isn't worth anything."


Poland's Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski called his country's ties with the US "worthless", a Polish news magazine says, giving excerpts of a secretly recorded conversation.

The magazine Wprost is already at the centre of another scandal over leaked tapes involving the Polish government.

Mr Sikorski called Poland's stance towards the US "downright harmful because it creates a false sense of security", according to the new leak.

He has not denied using such language.

According to the excerpts, Mr Sikorski told former Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski that "the Polish-US alliance isn't worth anything".

Using vulgar language, he compared Polish subservience to the US to giving oral sex. He also warned that such a stance would cause "conflict with the Germans, Russians".

'Total suckers'

He also used a racially loaded term to describe the Polish stance - "murzynskosc", which suggests a slave mentality.

``(We are) suckers, total suckers. The problem in Poland is that we have shallow pride and low self-esteem,'' Mr Sikorski was quoted as saying.

Earlier this month Mr Sikorski, a conservative and leading critic of Russia in the current Ukraine crisis, was nominated by the Polish government to replace Baroness Ashton as EU foreign policy chief.

Baroness Ashton, known as the EU High Representative, will step down in November, but EU leaders have not yet decided who will replace her.

The Polish government says it will not comment on the excerpts until Wprost publishes the full transcript.

This is a common refrain around the world from our allies. Our enemies don't fear us and our friends don't trust us. That's a combination almost guaranteed to bring about chaos in the world.

Elliott Abrams, an old foreign policy hand, has a piece in Politico that says much the same thing about "The Man Who Broke the Middle East":

From World War II, or at least from the day the British left Aden, the United States has been the dominant power in the Middle East. Harry Truman backed the Zionists and Israel came into being; we opposed Suez so the British, French and Israelis backed off; we became the key arms supplier for all our friends and kept the Soviets out; we reversed Saddam’s grabbing of Kuwait; we drove him from power; we drew a red line against chemical warfare; we said an Iranian bomb was unacceptable.

But that red line then disappeared in a last-minute reversal by the president that to this day is mentioned in every conversation about security in the Middle East, and no Arab or Israeli leader now trusts that the United States will stop the Iranian bomb. After all, we have passively watched al Qaeda become a major force in the heart of the region, and watched Iran creep closer to a nuclear weapon, and watched Iran send expeditionary forces to Syria—unopposed by any serious American pushback. Today no one in the Middle East knows what the rulebook is and whether the Americans will enforce any rules at all. No one can safely tell you what the borders of Iraq or Syria will be a few years hence. No one can tell you whether American power is to be feared, or can safely be derided.

Making America a second rate power has been a dream of the New Left since Vietnam. They hate our allies for the most part and think it advances the cause of peace if we play nice with our enemies. Deferring all serious questions about war and peace to the UN, and refusing to take unilateral action even in defense of American interests has put the world on notice that it's open season for the thugs and dictators of the world. To be honest, the administration has been aggressive in going after terrorists in some places  like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. But it really hasn't slowed their momentum and administration inaction in Syria has actually bolstered the terrorists fortunes.

The left has been saying for 40 years that if they ever got the chance, they would apply their worldview to American foreign policy and bring peace to the planet. All they can do now is harp on how it's all Bush and Cheney's fault. Abrams is right. The man who broke the Middle East has only himself to blame as events that are beyond his understanding spin out of control.


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