The Pope Greets the Mufti

In its May 27 edition, the New York Times runs a large color photograph of a smiling Pope Francis greeting the Grand Mufti Muhammad Ahmad Hussein on Temple Mount. The amicable scene offers no hint of the Mufti’s viciously anti-Semitic agenda, his preaching that Jews are enemies of Allah and are destined to be exterminated by Muslims.   The Mufti, the top spiritual leader of the Palestinian Authority, was elevated to his high position by none other than Mahmoud Abbas, the PA’s president, who mixes secular and religious duties. The Times, however, did not bother to give readers a real picture of the Mufti. It ran his picture with the pontiff without comment or explanation. (caption page A7, “Pope Francis greeted Grand Mufti Muhammad Ahmad Hussein at Al Aqsa Mosque”) So let’s step into this void and fill it in with some Mufti citations assembled by Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors Palestinian positions and declarations...(Read Full Post)