New York Times' Agenda Shines Through on Olmert Coverage

Don’t expect a simple, straightforward piece of reporting in the New York Times about an Israeli judge handing down a stiff prison sentence to former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in a bribery scandal (“Ex-Israeli Leader Is Given 6 years In Bribery Case,” May 14, front page). Jodi Rudoren, the Times’ Jerusalem bureau chief, instead delivers a convoluted article that gives, first and foremost, pre-eminence to her own agenda, whether or not relevant to the actual criminal proceedings. Even her lead paragraph is expanded to make room for an aside that Olmert “was on the brink of a peace deal with the Palestinians” when he was forced to leave office on corruption charges.  The particulars of Olmert’s criminal offenses are set aside in favor of the Times’ overriding interest in the “peace process.” Rudoren also seems to be having a difficult time about the alacrity – or lack thereof – with which Israeli...(Read Full Post)