Failing to 'Sign Up' Part 2

With the Affordable Care Act, we have witnessed what happens when theory deflects off the hard surface of reality.  Like magnets with the same polarity, they never quite meet, but naturally push themselves apart with an invisible force. "The young people will sign up, and their premiums will help support the financial demands of Obamacare," we were told, they hoped.  We have learned otherwise.  It is a failure adulterated by the reliance on a false assumption. Now for part 2.  I myself cannot get past the initial effort to mentally engage the amnesty, illegal immigration solution.   The primary reason is that I have yet to hear the answer to the foremost question, "What happens when they DON'T sign up?"  The great assumption of voluntary sign up is akin to the assumption that is sinking Obamacare.  The theory that the masses will "sign up" is upon which the entire crux rests. Certainly there would be, if passed, a significant number of...(Read Full Post)