The Victim's Perspective

In the fall of 2013 Samantha Geimer published her memoir, The Girl, a life in the shadow of Roman Polanski. In 1977 Samantha Geimer, (then Samantha Gailey), accused Roman Polanski of rape; Polanski would eventually plead guilty to the lesser charge of statutory rape as part of a plea deal (the accuser was thirteen at the time). When the presiding Judge threatened Polanski with an indeterminate sentence of up to fifty years Polanski fled to his home country of France, which refused to extradite him. Surprisingly, Samantha Geimer now advocates that the case against Polanski be dismissed, and has harsh criticism for the judge, Laurence Rittenband. Geimer's position is rather simple: Roman Polanski is old and no longer presents a threat to society, therefore the matter only concerns the two of them, and since she considers it settled the state has no business seeking further sanctions against him. Further, at the time Polanski agreed to a deal with the prosecution, a deal which would...(Read Full Post)