Cuomo's Twisted Words

In an attempt to become supreme controller of thought, of demographics, and of freedom, rigid, plastic-faced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on the radio  that if "extreme conservatives" are "right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay," then "they have no place in the state of New York, because that's not who New Yorkers are."

I did not know that Cuomo is a philosophical, ethical thought-control agent  who has the right to interpret what a New Yorker is and what a New Yorker is not.  Perhaps he is Plato come back from the dead, creating his own "Republic."  Or perhaps he just has a dull, unimaginative head.  Perhaps a turtle was dropped on it.

Cuomo is supposed to represent all law-abiding citizens of New York, but he is certainly not inclusive.  He is multicultural but not multi-thoughtful.  I have never before heard a leader who wants to exclude people from his state who don't think like he thinks. 

Cuomo thinks that he is so brilliant that he can dictate who "New Yorkers are."  He has the prescription.  He is the cure.  He is Doctor Fascism.

Two generations ago, people's views would have been exactly the opposite of Cuomo's.  The majority of people would have been "right-to-life" and "anti-gay."  Is Cuomo so limited that he can think only in terms of the immediate present and his own life, excluding the history of this country and views other than his own simplistic, boring ideas?

That's the problem with progressives.  They think that new views represent progress.  They do not understand that new can be less intelligent than old and that the past might be more advanced conceptually than the present.

Since Cuomo's divisive statements about driving conservatives out of New York, his counsel, Mylan Denerstein -- not Cuomo himself -- backpedaled: "The governor has never demonized the opposition to his gun law nor stance on protecting choice nor marriage equality. The governor is a gun owner and a Catholic."

Some apology.  Neither Denerstein nor Cuomo has taken back Cuomo's invitation for right-wingers to leave New York.  They have not said that conservatives are real New Yorkers as much as liberals.  Cuomo is so sickly divisive and ideologically paranoid that he can't even recognize the right of a conservative to live in his state.

Instead of admitting the fascistic nature of Cuomo's conservative exclusion, Denerstein accuses the New York Post of "twisting his words."

I think what he should have said was that Cuomo's ideas and words are twisted.