Putting Dems on the defensive over insurance company bailout

Congressional Republicans are acting on a plan, first suggested by Charles Krauthammer, to foreclose the possibility of a massive bailout of the health care insurance industry. Such a bailout now appears very likely, thanks to the fact that older and sicker people constitute a larger-than-planned portion for those signing up for Obamacare, driving up costs to the point that with existing rates, the insurers will suffer massive losses. Because Obamacare included a provision to guarantee the companies against such an outcome, so far they have stayed on board with Obamacare. After all, it guaranteed them an expanded customer base, forcing people to sign up for their products. But, as Dr. Krauthammer realized, if they thought they wouldn't be bailed out, they would speak out a tad more honestly about the inherent problems of the plan. That's why this is important, as reported by Elise Viebeck of The Hill: Republican lawmakers are quietly gathering support for legislation to stop the...(Read Full Post)