The Myth of Triumph and Tragedy of Israel

Ari Shavit, an author and columnist of the leftist Israeli newspaper Haaretz, is being lionized by liberal, secular media in the West.  His new book, My Promised Land:  The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel, is widely acclaimed as the ultimate insight into the founding and existence of the Jewish state.  Shavit wants readers to understand the full complexity of what makes Israelis tick.  And how the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians came about and still festers. But Shavit veers off the rails -- and drastically so -- when he deals with the most fundamental question of Israel's existential rights in the Jews' ancient homeland.  Here, for example, is how he explains the birth and presence of the Jewish state, as reported by Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn: This is about homeless people creating a home for themselves and creating homeless Palestinians."  In other words, Israel is a colonial implant whose...(Read Full Post)