De Blasio sees progressivism sweeping the country

New York city mayor-elect Bill de Blasio was at the White House yesterday with 15 other newly minted mayors and when he emerged to talk to the press, the Sandanista-supporting Democrat shared with us a vision; a vision of progressive ideology sweeping the country. NY Observer: "I think it was, to begin with, inspiring to hear our president, his concern for what we're facing ... He was quick to make clear how much he wanted to help us as we go through our transitions and help our cities as the leading edge of our national economy," he said, surrounded by his fellow mayor-elects. "We talked a lot about the crisis of inequality. A lot of us ran in our elections on a message of addressing the inequality and it was extraordinarily gratifying to hear the passion with which the president and the vice president spoke about this challenge that our country faces and their desire to be active partners with us addressing income inequality and so many other challenges we ...(Read Full Post)