Barry's Comet

The so-called "comet of the century," a sungrazer named ISON, reached perihelion on Thanksgiving Day, but didn't live up to its expectations to wow the masses and just fizzled out. Perhaps ISON's name should be changed to 'Barry's Comet' as it appears to be the perfect metaphor for the Obama Administration's rise and fall. While comets put on a dazzling show with their brilliant comas and alluring tails that extend for many thousands of miles, solar radiation slowly strips away most of their mass (largely a loose conglomerate of dust, ice, rocks, and gases), eventually leaving just a dull, tiny, often misshapen core. While the illusion from a distance can be quite spectacular, when exposed to sunlight, comets are in reality just objects that are falling apart before our eyes. Instead of maintaining the United States on solid, stable, constitutional ground, President Barack Obama is the latest "politician of the century" to tempt us with a dazzling "progressive" display -- a loose...(Read Full Post)