Surprise! Guess who loves the Iran deal?

The Communist Party of the USA is providing some very interesting signals lately. Yesterday, I blogged about CPUSA Chairman Sam Webb offering advice on Obamacare that looks eerily familiar to what we have heard from the DPUSA - the Democratic Party. When all else fails, charge racism.

Today, we have the Communist Party, via its associated news outlet People's World, enthusiastically endorsing the Geneva agreement with Iran, to permit its continued enrichment of uranium through the most difficult stages, up to 5%.

The last minute nuclear agreement worked out in Geneva on Sunday between Iran and the six-powers group of the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany is an important first step and merits the support of all progressive, peace-minded people. It is a welcome step by our country away from a foreign policy of militarism and confrontation.

The Communists know who the bad guys are here:

One of the biggest dangers right now is that the deal be sabotaged by the U.S. Congress imposing even more sanctions on Iran. (snip)

If Congress piles on more sanctions, the people of Iran and the whole region will be hurt, and the chance for peace will be greatly set back. We ask, therefore, that our readers contact their congressional representatives to insist that they support the Geneva agreement and the process that will lead to a more complete and permanent settlement.

As with Obamacare, the Communists seem to be perfectly aligned with Obama's political forces. Sheer coincidence, right?

Hat tip: Paul Kengor