1973: The day that Gerald Ford became VP

Sadly, President Ford has been lost between all of the controversies and stories of the last 50 years.  Most Americans do not remember him, a sad commentary about our knowledge of US history. In a recent Gallup, he ranks down the list with only 16% rating him as above average!  Again, that's a sad commentary!  I would give President Ford very high marks.  It's hard to exaggerate the role he played in restoring the integrity of the vice presidency and presidency when he followed President Nixon. 40 years ago, Gerald Ford became Vice President of the US following the resignation of VP Agnew.   His story is very different than those of the other Vice Presidents who've become President, such as Bush 41 or Nixon or LBJ. David Shribman wrote an article over the weekend reminding us of just how fortunate we were that Gerald Ford was the man who assumed the office: "He was the first vice president to move to the post under the 25th amendment, which provides...(Read Full Post)