Where is the RNC's VoteBuilder Software?

A friend went to help another friend who is running for the local School Committee. I'm being coy because my friend did a little undercover work and showed me screenshots of the software the candidate was using, something called VoteBuilder, "a partnership between the DNC and the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee." It was as sophisticated as anything I have seen while volunteering for Romney and McCain. The software provides the voter name, age, phone number, the voter's polling location, a script for the caller to read with questions like, "Do you need a ride to the polls?" Nothing revolutionary here, but it was thorough. More importantly, it was a website (protected with sign-in and passwords), which means that a group of people with laptops and cell phones in a living room becomes an instant call center. To make calls for Romney and McCain, I had to schlep into downtown Boston and sit in a harshly- lit rented space where phone banks had been installed at significant...(Read Full Post)