They build the tunnels because we keep smokin' the stuff

Another tunnel on the US-Mexico border:

"A tunnel designed to smuggle drugs from Tijuana, Mexico, to San Diego was equipped with lighting, ventilation and an electric rail system, U.S. authorities said Thursday, making it one of the most sophisticated secret passages discovered along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Authorities seized 8 1/2 tons of marijuana and 327 pounds of cocaine in connection with the tunnel's discovery, according to court records. Three men who authorities say worked as drivers were charged Thursday with possession of marijuana and cocaine with intent to distribute. U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said they face prison sentences between 10 years and life if convicted. 

The tunnel, which zigzags the length of nearly six football fields, links warehouses in Tijuana and San Diego's Otay Mesa industrial area. The area is filled with nondescript warehouses, making it easier to conceal trucks being loaded with drugs. 

The tunnel was shut down Wednesday night, before any drugs made it through undetected, authorities said. Federal agents had the San Diego warehouse under surveillance after being tipped off by an informant who told them that operators bought drills and other construction equipment in August and September."

Very sophisticated work....don't you think?

These tunnels are just the latest effort by very well financed cartels who are simply delivering their "goods" to their customers in the US. 

These tunnels are financed by our consumption of illegal drugs and the blood of thousands of Mexicans killed in this cartel war.

Think about that the next time you use illegal drugs, and remember this: If you smoke it, they will build it (the tunnel).

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