The Taxonomy of Obama

Does anyone think that President Obama's likeability numbers have yet to bottom out?  Are there any Democrat representatives up for re-election in 2014 that would ask President Obama to campaign with them?  Does Hillary Clinton's association with President Obama, help her chances of being elected president in 2016?  No, No, and No.

Has anyone noticed how quiet Republicans have gotten lately?  Has anyone noticed the change in media coverage recently towards the president?  Do you find this puzzling?  Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Here's a hunch.  Political America now knows we have a dangerously egotistical, ridged, malignant, deceitful and incompetent president.  Political America now realizes that this president has turned US foreign and domestic policy into shambles.  Malaise fills the land.  Both parties are fully aware of it.  The upcoming election process dictates that it can no longer be pretended otherwise.  The Republicans are beneficiaries of its continuance, thus explaining the quietness.  The Democrats are afflicted with guilt--by association.

In short, if Democrats hope to win in 2014, and Hillary Clinton hopes to win the White House in 2016, President Obama must be removed from the political landscape of relevance.  Enter the Fourth Estate.  In the coming months we will continue to see more newly unearthed, strong, and insightful journalistic endeavors, exposing the voluptuous scandals and improprieties of the Obama administration, previously only available daily in Conservative publications.  The emasculated Obama will eventually be retired to the Island of Elba, or Hawaii, while fair minded Democrats and Hillary Clinton will be applauded for their mainstream virtues.

For those of the conspiratorial bent, the hidden hand orchestrating the taxidermy of Obama will be Clinton Inc., as triangulation begins again.