Licenses for illegals? Illinois is the latest to overlook the rule of law

Before I get a comment from a "Hispano" saying that Cubans had special treatment and have no business "opining about" illegal immigration, let me say this:

First, Cubans did not have special treatment. Our entry was LEGAL. I understand that there is a debate about the Cuban Adjustment Act (passed in 1966) but it the law of the land.

My family had to spend 2 months in Jamaica waiting to get "legal entry" into the US.  We were not in Montego Bay on vacation.  We lived in a small room waiting  for "legal entry'.

Please don't tell me that we had "special treatment."

Let me repeat: Our entry was LEGAL. It was an act passed by Congress in contrast to President Obama issuing an "executive order" to go around Congress on "The Dream Act."

Second, this post is about "the rule of law" and respect for those waiting their turn to come into the country legally.

No one knows "the rule of law" better than Cubans who saw a tyrant shut down newspapers, religious schools and govern by decree.

So let me "opine" about this latest illegal immigration insanity.

It makes no sense but Illinois is the latest state to approve this nonsense:

"The first driver's licenses for immigrants living in Illinois illegally will be issued in December, with officials estimating that as many as 500,000 people could eventually apply for the special permits.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's office announced Tuesday that it will begin accepting applications Dec. 3 on a limited basis. The expected high demand means applicants must schedule an appointment to visit one of four designated offices to complete the tests and paperwork."

This is crazy.

First, how do we know that the person applying is who he or she claims to be?

Second, are we not opening a door for potential terrorists to get a license and gain an identity in the state?

Third, how do you "legalize" a person who is violating the law?

Fourth, what is the value of legal residency or citizenship if an illegal immigrant can get a drivers' license, or one of the primary documents issued by the state?

Fifth, where is AG Holder? Why isn't he stopping Illinois for creating immigration laws? California did the same thing and AG Holder said nothing. I guess that AG Holder is too busy fighting Texas over Voter ID laws.

Insane. It is cruel to those of us who obeyed the law.

P. S. You can hear my discussion with Israel Ortega of The Heritage Foundation about this and other immigration issues plus the impact of ObamaCare on Hispanics.

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