TSA apparently the target in LAX shooting

Authorities in Los Angeles are still trying to determine a motive in the shootings at the Los Angeles International Airport yesterday that resulted in the death of one TSA officer and the wounding of two others.

CNN International offers this:

It's not clear why a 23-year-old man, identified by the FBI as Paul Anthony Ciancia, stormed one of America's busiest airports, but it is clear he was dangerous.

And investigators were digging into his background to find out clues about his motives.

He had enough ammunition to "have literally killed everyone in that terminal," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

Whatever the reason, the suspect, armed with what police say was an assault rifle, opened fire in Los Angeles International Airport's Terminal 3, killing one and sending dozens scattering before he was wounded and captured.

One clue to the suspect's intentions came from witnesses of the mayhem.

Some said the gunmen asked people, "Hey, are you TSA?" -- the acronym for the Transportation Security Administration. If they said "no," he would move on.

One of those questioned travelers was Leon Saryan. He told CNN's Anderson Cooper that the same man he'd just seen shoot a TSA officer "calmly" walked toward him and asked, "TSA?""I just shook my head," Saryan said. "And he kept going."

The materials found on the suspect included a rant that appeared to reference the New World Order as well as anti-TSA and anti-government claims, a federal law enforcement official said Saturday.

It's not clear what gave rise to the references, and federal investigators have found no known links to known groups or anything in the suspect's background to explain them. The New World Order is generally considered to be a conspiracy theory in which people suspect a group of elites are conspiring to form an authoritarian, one-world government.

AP reports more specifics on the "rant":

A law enforcement official said the gunman was dressed in fatigues and carried at least five full 30-round magazines of ammunition. In his bag he had a one-page, handwritten note that said he wanted to kill TSA employees and "pigs."

The official, who was not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the note referred to how the gunman believed his constitutional rights were being violated by TSA searches and that he was a "pissed-off patriot" upset at former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

There will be the usual calls to ban "assault weapons." And the usual rants against "right wing rhetoric" that supposedly caused this tragedy.

But there won't be much about the mental derangement of someone who snapped yesterday morning and shot up an airport terminal. It just won't do to remind everyone that crazy people have no rational motive to kill. You can't very well stand on the bleeding corpose of a TSA officer to make your political points if people think the gunman was insane.