The Architect Speaks

Ezekiel Emanuel, ObamaCare architect, Ph.D, bioethicist, Harvard M.D., a brilliant man who displays his intelligence by continuing to defend ObamaCare. He is the president's top healthcare adviser. He is famous for promoting the idea that medical resources should be primarily directed in support of adolescents and young adults. The elderly and infants should take a back seat, especially if medical resources become scarce. Many have accused Ezekiel of advocating a 'bioethical' stance that would allow the very old and the very young to die, untreated, in order to focus on productive members of society in whom we've invested time and money, i.e., a system of rationing. ObamaCare will doubtless cause the scarcity Ezekiel predicts. As an architect of the law, one wonders if Ezekiel is intentionally creating scarcity as another way to install population control without saying so. Thanks to ObamaCare, rationing will ensue along with increases in abortion, infanticide, and elder euthanasia....(Read Full Post)