How Best to Help the Philippines

Super typhoon Yolanda was the strongest storm in recorded history, and the devastation it wrought in the Visayan Islands  is almost beyond comprehension.

However, the entire Republic of the Philippines has been hard hit, economically, by the storm and its aftermath.

Having served in the American Red Cross, I have substantial knowledge of the best way to help disaster-hit economies, and that is to put money into the hands of local relief agencies so that purchases can be made as close to the location of the disaster as possible.

Being a family of beta testers, we have many close professional associates in Manila (where the testing team for the internet security company for which we test is located), and they have recommended that donations be made directly to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and to the World Food Programme.

They sent me this link to donate directly to the PRC via that link in many ways including credit card and PayPal.  The email address of the PRC is should donors wish to donate directly using their own PayPal accounts.

Those associates also provided a link for the American Red Cross Typhoon Relief site and a link for World Food Programme (International). 

A link for WFP (USA) can be found here, and we certainly can be certain that any organization headed by Hunter Biden is certain, literally, certifiably worthwhile, can't we?!

Sarcasm aside, both WFP (International) and WFP (USA) receive Charity Navigator's highest rating.  However, donations to WFP, while very worthy, do not directly impact the economy locally or elsewhere in the Philippines.

I don't think that a better or needier target can be found for your charitable contributions than the very close friend and ally that the nation of the Philippines is.