Seal Team Six Now Inherently Racist?

Students at the very liberal Washington University in St. Louis have started a tempest over their choice of Halloween costumes. What did they dress as, you may ask? What was so controversial that the University had to call an emergency meeting and denounce the choice with this strong commentary, comments made even before hearing the evidence: "As a community, one of our highest priorities is to maintain an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. Images like the one that was posted on a social media site by students on Halloween and the impact it has had reminds us that we all must be united in this effort and it must be on-going. Whatever the intention, the image has offended and hurt members of our community. The image also is entirely inconsistent with who we are as an institution, our values and the way in which we engage in the world around us. We are deeply disappointed and saddened that this has occurred. We must expect better of ourselves and of each other. "The...(Read Full Post)