Liberal condemns 'prefabricated hicks' and 'artificial redneck morons'

As noted earlier, many liberals self censored when a few liberal icons dared criticize the liberal god's namesake, signature horror Obamacare.  However they found relief to spew immediately on twitter when conservatives mildly mocked it during the Country Music Awards show. 

Waiting a few hours after the show and not confined to 140 characters, east coast liberal, er progressive, Charles P. Pierce, of Esquire Magazine (Man At His Best sic!), proceeded to spew his manly best racist, classic analysis of the program. 

Apparently, the Affordable Care Act was the subject of some mockery in Nashburg last night at the annual festival of prefabricated hicks and manufactured s*it kickers.

Let's forget, shall we, that the act is working gloriously in places like Kentucky, but that places like Tennessee, which hosted the yearly gathering of artificial redneck morons, have decided to sabotage the act because Tennessee insists on electing idiots, which is why there are a lot of the problems for Jethro and Zelda Mae to make sport of on the electric teevee. Let's also forget how much an actual Medicaid expansion would help in all those Southern states where these posers sell records and that have governors who suddenly find themselves allergic to Free Money (!) Let's also forget that none of the make-believe goobers on stage last night ever are going to have to make the decision between medicine for the kids and food on the table.

Then, making the best manly choice, the Esquire fabricated urbanite, gathered his white collared, east coast, narrow minded intellectuals and stepped out in the city which insists on electing socialists - which is why there are a lot of problems to make sport of.  Not having to make the decision between medicine for themselves or ordering food from the restaurant's table, they gulped down their Viagra and medical marijuana while dining on Arctic squid on a bed of Bolivian quinoa accompanied by a fine pale red wine made from unendangered French grapes.

Diverse, pluralistic and multi cultural male at his best.  

hat tip:  weasel zippers