Remembering JFK in the Summer of 1963

In the academic year 1962-1963, my husband and I were graduate students at the University of Kentucky. We applied and were selected for a special internship program in Washington, D.C. I worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission during the day, but in the evenings and especially during the weekend, the internship program arranged for us to participate in many academic, political, and social programs. I got my high-prestige assignment because I could take shorthand, but I only used that skill once. A new, very good-looking lawyer called me in for dictation. I was nervous, and he was even more nervous. I noticed that he looked down periodically and that, surprisingly, he dictated very smoothly. Shortly afterwards, he left the office. I went in and, sure enough, there in his trash can was a typed version of the letter that he had dictated to me. I went back to my desk, retyped it exactly as on his script -- voila! One Saturday the group of us from Kentucky visited Sen. John...(Read Full Post)