Remembering a veteran who just passed away

We've done our share of political posts and criticism of today's political class. Let's remember the passing of a hero on Veterans Day.  We are losing too many of these WW2 veterans.  Let's not forget their heroism. We learned that John Hawk, an Army sergeant in World War II who was awarded the Medal of Honor died.  He was 89. This is his from The NY Times obituary:  "Two months after the Allies landed in Normandy in the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944, they trapped thousands of retreating Germans near the town of Falaise, some 20 miles south of Caen, in what became known as the Falaise Pocket.        Sergeant Hawk, a 20-year-old squad leader in a 90th Infantry Division rifle company, was dug in with his men at the edge of an apple orchard outside Chambois, near Falaise, when German infantrymen, supported by tanks, staged a dawn attack on Aug. 20. "My God, the sky was falling down, the earth was blowing up,...(Read Full Post)