Has the United States become the new surrender monkey?

Just a few years ago we were referring to the French as cheese eating surrender moneys.  Then one could enter on Google, French military victories, hit I'm feeling lucky and up popped the satiric, with a large element of truth, response: no such site, did you mean French military defeats?  http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/images/blpic-frenchmilitaryvictories.htm

The times sure are changing according to this headline and report on the recent negotiations of our Secretary of State, John (I voted for it before I voted against it) Kerry working under President Barack Obama (D).

French out-tough US over Iran nuclear program

When Iran appeared close to a preliminary deal with world powers over its nuclear program, France stepped up to say: Not so fast - a surprise move that exposed divisions among the United States and other Western negotiators who had long been in lockstep on the issue.

France, analysts say, was motivated by factors including its tough stand against the spread of nuclear weapons, skepticism about Tehran's trustworthiness, and the longstanding French tradition of speaking out on the world stage. Critics faulted France for alleged grandstanding and seeking closer ties with Iran's foes.


"You know, the French are very irritating. When the Americans absolutely want to do something, the French have this terrible habit of somewhat disagreeing," said analyst Francois Heisbourg of the Foundation for Strategic Research think tank in Paris. "We actually have experience in dealing with the Iranians directly. There used to be negotiations between the Europeans (and the Iranians) between 2003 and 2005."

"The Americans haven't spoken to the Iranians since 1979. And the Americans are telling us how it should be done," Heisbourg said. As for the Americans, "maybe they just want a deal - it happens all the time in history: People badly want a deal and end up by negotiating against themselves."

Kerry said the United States has "serious and capable" experts who have dealt with Iran for years.

"We are not blind, and I don't think we're stupid," he told NBC's Meet The Press on Sunday. (snip)

U.S. Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham, who has taken a tough stand against Iran's nuclear program, applauded France's position, telling CNN: "Thank God for France and thank God for pushback. ... The French are becoming very good leaders in the Mideast."

The Iranians have been playing chess for a long, long time while the US can't even get a game of checkers going.  The Iranians are doing the short term and long term planning using the tactics available to a totalitarian government to maintain and increase their nuclear program while the Americans do one move at a time. America, with Kerry, does appear to be negotiating against itself while France is speaking out for France.

But then again, maybe Obama and Kerry really believe US interests and Iranian interests align; that an advanced Iranian nuclear program is really not a threat. What else can explain giving Iran everything but getting nothing in return?  After all, Kerry merely thinks the U.S. isn't stupid but he isn't really certain.

Surrender monkeys?