Rebrand, remarket and reblame not working?  No problem. Millions upon millions of people kicked off their health insurance because of the Patient (Lack of) Protection and (Un)Affordable Care Act?  No problem. Higher premiums, lower deductibles?  No problem. Rebrand and remarket the thing and if it is still a failure, reblame the Republicans for their "ideological resistance," stressing their "(one) side of Capitol Hill is invested in failure and -- and that makes, I think, the -- the kind of iterative process of fixing glitches as they come up and finetuning the law more challenging."  And, of course, the old reliable And frankly, we've got to stop governing by crisis here in this town, because if it weren't for Washington's dysfunction, I think all of us agree, we'd be a lot further along. Other than that, despite that--oh yes, "and the fact that my website's not working the way it's supposed to."--everything and anything is just dandy thanks to President Barack Obama...(Read Full Post)