'Obamacare Is Communism'

Conservative writer and ex-Marxist David Horowitz should get some kind of Solzhenitsyn Truth award for exposing yet another leftist euphemism. On Wednesday Horowitz told Fox News' Sean Hannity, when it comes to a government run program which would collect all healthcare fees, and pay out all healthcare costs,  the term 'single-payer' is another way of saying "communism." What I'm trying to write in this book called The Black Book of the American Left is the story of how the communist movement marched into the Democrat Party after '68 behind the McGovern campaign, have taken over the apparatus of the party, and are tolerated by people in that party, so that there's... What is Obamacare? And single payer? Why do we call it single payer? It's communism. If the government controls your access to health care which is what this is about, as to what you can have and to what you can't have, how is that different from-- that is communism.  In fact President Obama, raised and...(Read Full Post)