ObamaCare Destroys Bill Clinton's Legacy

The Affordable Health Care Act is not insurance, but welfare.  When you cover guaranteed losses under pre-existing conditions, you are not gambling on possible losses; you are assuming real losses, and amassing money from the taxpayers to pay for them.  There is no chance that Obama can reduce the cost of insurance without taking the money from other taxpayers' pockets.  Clinton, working with his Republican Congress, reduced welfare.  He turned down his wife's promotion of national health care.  He did not turn insurance from a free-market business into a handout.  It's shocking based on Clinton's experience and success that he has stood up for Obama.  Years ago I was a financial contributor to Clinton's election, and seeing him supporting Obama (a failed president in the military; in finance; and in the self-reliance, Emersonian ethos) made me feel a kind of peeved disappointment.  Clinton was putting the last...(Read Full Post)