ObamaCare, Central Planning, and the Truth

Liberals on ObamaCare: "You want answers?" Americans: "I think I'm entitled to them." Congratulations liberal central planners; your ultimate goal of having government take over the healthcare industry, and control over life and death, is well on its way. Looking at what was promised under ObamaCare and there is no wonder why people were dazzled by what it offered. Of course when you talk in ideals everyone would love to have universal healthcare. People might even believe it is possible. After all, if it can be envisioned, why can't it come to fruition? Unfortunately for you, ObamaCare, as it's affectionately called, is by all means of empirical evaluation not only a disaster, but the quintessential example of why central planning does not work. In a few short weeks, your utopian ideals have been toppled by a world where humanity and scarcity have come face to face. Ignoring "what is" for the dream of "what could be" and fully misunderstanding the relationship between the ends and...(Read Full Post)