Upton Bill passes with bipartisan support

No fewer than 39 House Democrats threw Obamacare under the bus, joining with Republicans to pass legislation sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton that allows insurers to offer noncompliant health care policies not just to grandfathered policyholders, but also to anyone who chooses to forego all the requirements of Obamacare.

The vote of 261 to 157 can be considered lopsided, and is far stronger than the majority which passed Obamacare in the first place. Nevertheless, the White House avers the President will veto it.

Senate boss Harry Reid no doubt will torpedo Upton and the Landrieu Bill as well, which not just permits, but requires insurers to offer the grandfathered policies that have been cancelled. The only possibility either bill has is that panicky Democrat senators up for re-election insist on an opportunity to go on record against the handiwork for which they voted, and for which they bear responsibility for inflicting on Americans. Because there were no votes to spare in the Senate each of them fairly can be characterized as providing the margin of victory that facilitated this travesty. "If Senator [insert Dem here] had not voted for this bill, you would not have lost your insurance, your low deductible, or low monthly payment."