Oppression in Higher Education: Hilarious and Sad

In the politically correct hothouse of an elite university campus, all sorts of bizarre theories and beliefs flourish. Did you know that grammar is racist? That's the gist of a kerfuffle currently playing out at UCLA, the taxpayer-funded institution that is one of America's most prominent research universities, and a global brand name (UCLA-licensed tee shirts and other merchandise are wildly popular overseas -- scores of of dedicated UCLA merchandise stores and departments exist in Japanese, South Korean and Chinese malls and department stores and bring in substantial royalties to the university). How ironic that Japanese Korean and Chinese students who struggle to learn proper English grammar and aspire to visit or study at the beautiful campus would encounter this (from David Thompson, via Gateway Pundit): More crushing injustice on campus, this time at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies: In a letter sent to colleagues in the department after the...(Read Full Post)